original big bang! whee!

So, hey, remember that story I started for NaNoWriMo back in 2007? The one about unicorns and game wardens and such? I've picked it up again for the the original fiction big bang that's going on, which is currently looking for more artists (and authors, too, but artists are in shorter supply, for some reason), and that was a somewhat self-centered lead-in, wasn't it. Sorry. Um.

Right. So, if you're an author who needs a bit of a push to get a story finished, you're allowed to start with 3,000 pre-existing words (as I did). And if you're an artist looking for something funky to illustrate, story summaries will be going up August 1st, so you'll have your pick of who-knows-what. And if you need to think about it, sign-ups stay open through the end of August.

Original Fiction Big Bang
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Certainly! I can be a personal wreck while still being your pillar of strength--and if I can pull it off, I'm sure you can too! ;)

I'm thrilled, too. ^^ I've just gotten my Atlantis Big Bang assignment, and it was my top choice, so I'm full of BB glee and inspiration. And the deadlines are far enough apart (I hope!) so that I can give my best to each comm. I do so love the challenge of story illustration, and there's nothing like a public deadline to get me actually moving--and finishing! So big yays for the Big Bangs!!

PS--Belated birthday joys and blessings to you, and welcome back!!
It's very nice to be back! Thanks to the time away, I've begun to have the itching to write and draw more frequently. Right now my focus is mostly on the big bang and on helping my sister unpack from moving, but once those things are done, I think I'll get back in the flow of posting regularly.