things i am currently not doing

1. answering the pile of emails in my inbox

2. folding laundry

3. unpacking

4. working on my imaginarybeasts and originalbigbang stories

5. any of the other half-dozen things on my to-do list

what am i currently doing? hiding in the basement and recovering from spending a half-hour outside watering the plants (some of which probably died while we were away this weekend, but i'll keep watering them until they turn completely brown and crumbly). it is HOT. and has been hot and will continue to be hot. oh man, Iceland is starting to sound really good right now.
Re: :D
I'm glad one of us is--I would, but am currently running pretty much on empty and so don't have the brain-power to spare.


I hope I have enough energy to actually enjoy Iceland for reasons other than its weather.
^^ Hey, as far as I'm concerned, that IS a witty reply!
...and I'm stealing it forthwith, for much future use. Thanks! ^^