yeah, i need a vacation

Am going away on one--just a long weekend, for the 4th of July, but still. Will be the first vacation without my laptop in tow in---oh, I don't remember how long. This is probably indicative of something. Various notebooks will be accompanying me, though, so I hope to get some (a lot) of writing done. We'll see.

Anyways, have a great fourth, everyone!
Hope you had a happy 4th as well! We stayed up late and watched 1776 (on my aunt and uncle's biiiiiiig-screen TV) and it was marvelous. Especially John & Abigail. I'll have to borrow the book you gave J&A, once they're in the area again.

(I must apologize for not responding to your emails; for some reason, right now comment boxes are easier to cope with than emails. Wish I knew why, so I could do something about it.)