Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

reviews: a whole lot of imaginary beasts (bks. 14, 17, 18)

book 14: carnivale
People Who Love To Tell Lies - I don't know what the title has to do with the story, but the story is a brilliant snippet of something that might have happened one Saturnalia during the height of Rome.
Night Parade - Ghosts & Carnivale. More a snapshot than an actual story, but still fascinating.

book 17: monsters
Alby and the Manticore - Oh man, this is fantastic. In every sense of the word. I love this kind of story, that takes the extraordinary and treats it as something--well, not mundane, but ordinary. And also, it makes me happy when the main characters are sensible in a crisis. This one's my favorite of the whole bunch.

book 18: winter
The Mountain Sleeps - A possible folk tale, seen from within. Both beautiful and fun.
The Secret Ministry of the Seam - Just plain charming, and very very funny.
A Clamour Over Snow - Another story about the characters in Bring Rain. A little more grim than that one, but still enjoyable.
The Traditionalists - This story isn't going where you think it's going, and that's all I can say without spoiling things.
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