Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

poemish thing by me: farewell to tv tropes

i will miss you, tv tropes,
with your crowning moments
and bits of glee and outrage,
your wittiness, your style.

you hold a thousand thousand
worlds within, countless open doors.
and there's the rub:
once i pop, i just can't stop,
and it's suddenly 2 am
and i can't keep doing this.

the morning after i feel like crap,
you know? like i've had a night out
on the town, only no liver damage.
and the rest of the day is spent
clawing my way back into
purposefulness and productivity.
(and i want to write, dammit!)

perhaps someday i'll have my own tropes page.
that would be nice.
but i won't get there if i keep reading everyone else's.

Tags: poetry

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