5 things you will probably not see the next time you open your front door

1. A dinosaur. Which is just as well: cool in theory, not so much in practice (as was demonstrated in Jurassic Park).

2. A unicorn. Which--well, it would depend on the type of unicorn. Some are nifty, some are lovely, some are freaky and mean and unicorns more by courtesy than anything else.

3. Sixteen geese wearing red galoshes and yellow rain hats. (What? Why are you looking at me like that?)

4. A polar bear wearing red galoshes and a yellow rain hat. (My big sister did a wood carving of one--it's pretty nifty and I love it irrationally.)

5. Me. Which most of you would agree is a good thing, although a couple of you might not mind.

Next week there will be a real 5 things--I have a bunch that are partly written, I just ran out of steam before I could finish one for today.
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*hugs* I'd like to see you open your front door and see me. But alas, circumstances conspire against us. Hey, at least we'll have Iceland, right?
5. Me. Which most of you would agree is a good thing, although a couple of you might not mind.
I wouldn't mind..just not sure what you're doing in Melbourne...but then I could take you to the footy!
*laughs* And you could instruct me in the ways of football/soccer/"the footy?". I've been forced to play it a couple of times, and have watched a game or four briefly in passing, but have never had much interest in it.
NO, NO, NO!!! Footy isn't soccer! AFL is Australian Rules Football. You know, tight shorts, no padding and lots of biffo! :D *I thought I'd taught you better* :D
Whoops--got distracted by all the talk about the current world cup or whatever the heck is going on. Right--Footy! Australian football! And must be a bazillion more times interesting than soccer. Which is boring. (Football's the only sport I can stand to watch for more than five minutes at a stretch, and your version of it sounds even more entertaining than ours, which at times resembles human chess only with more tackling and penalties involved.)
Oh way more interesting imo, we don't stop the game to change to a defensive team :D I believe it's shown on espn but at some ungodly hour of the morning but you have to Support the Collingwood Magpies because they're my team. YES, another convert!!!!
Well, I don't really watch TV anymore (especially sports; stopped watching football because I used to tie myself up in knots over whether my team would win--or rather, how badly they would lose), so consider me a . . . virtual fan. :P