what's wrong with the word "use"?

"Utilize" is currently at the top of my Words I Hate list, along with the phrase "have been in communication concerning". Surely I'm not the only person with a list like this.

Do you have (a) word(s) that you love to hate?

Batman edits Robin's patrol reports for vocabulary

The aforementioned word(s):

Retarded is one of the most top words that I utterly hate-it's insulting and degrading towards those that are (usually) well meaning.

My most favorite word is *kidding* food. [looks to see BBQ ribs being set on table) No, really, my most favorite word is kinky (stolen from Abby off of NCIS). :D
Yeah, it's one of those words that started as a technical term and has become merely derogatory--I hate it when that happens.

Maybe I'll do an accompanying poll about favorite words. Hm... I'll have to think about what mine is/are.
Last night, a co-worker used the word "orientate" about eight times in reference to training new staff members...until I managed to change the subject. *shudder*
*shudders with you* Oh, ugh. It's just like utilize vs. use: one word sounds--I dunno. Fancier or more educated or something--but has only a single definition, while the simpler, cramm'd-with-more-meaning word gets shunned, even though that's the one they really ought to be using.

(Imagine the last phrase in caps and italics to get a partial feeling for how it sounded in my head--I thought it might be a bit much written down, though, and so refrained.)