Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

hey, look, a poll that's actually about this blog

so, i'm trying to do all these things on a weekly basis, but it would be helpful to know if there are some things you'd rather i did more than others. or something. willpower is currently at a low ebb--a little outside reinforcement would be helpful.

hey look, a poll that's actually sort of a poll

yay, poll! polls are awesome
didn't you used to do memes? memes are also awesome
oh, and 5 things, too!
stories! can't forget how awesome stories are
and people talking about stories and why they did/didn't like them
poetry can be pretty nifty as well
doodles always make me smile
(batman is mildly amused by your shenanigans)
(but really thinks you ought to buckle down and be more disciplined about the whole thing)
Tags: meme/poll

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