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reviews: Iron Man 2; The Squire's Quest; Imaginary Beasts (bk. 8)

Spent most of the last two evenings watering and planting things, so am about five minutes away from falling asleep on my keyboard. Um.

Saw Iron Man 2 on Sunday--very good, despite one plot element that was more than a little Science Does Not Work That Way, but aside from that, excellent. Pacing, characters, dialog, etc. And the finally battle was flat-out awesome. Solid sequel to a solid beginning. At some point I'd like to talk about it in more detail, but my vocabulary (and ability to spell) is rapidly disappearing, so not now. But if you're on the fence about seeing it, go. You won't be disappointed.

I've talked before about Gerald Morris's take on Arthurian legend--The Squire's Quest is another solid installment. The main character is awesome and sensible and not afraid to point out when people are being very very stupid. The particular stories being retold are a bit more lurid than Morris's usual fare, but still highly enjoyable, and the ending is FTW.

imaginarybeasts book 8: Gendertwist
Let He Who is Without Name - In which there is a man without a name and enough time-traveling to be almost confusing but still entertaining.
The Second Storey Men - In which there is a twist at the end and a very subtle take on the theme.
Old Demons - In which the characters are solid & awesome & fun to watch bounce off each other, and the glimpses we get of their world are tantalizing.
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