drabble: Discretion (for Sophonisba) [song of roland]

for saphanibaal's prompt/request 'the matter of France'

“That was perhaps not the wisest thing you’ve done,” Oliver said as the council disbursed in the wake of Ganelon’s stormy exit.“You’ve made an enemy there.”

“He loved me little enough before. And I’m not alone—you were singled out to share in his displeasure, if you’ll recall.” Roland smiled as he spoke, as if it were a jest, but Oliver frowned.

“Yes, but now he has reason for it, and is being sent off to treat with our enemy.”

“Don’t worry so much.”

“I wish you’d worry a little more,” Oliver sighed, and followed Roland out onto the field.


It came out a little crunched, I think. But I had fun rereading The Song of Roland - hadn't looked at it for years.
I am so totally unfamiliar with the Song of Roland, though...I have a vague memory of my family owning an LP during my far-off youth that had something to do with it.... *shrug* So, um, good job! Because I still kinda get a nice sense of very much more going on, from this tiny smidge, and even a good sense of the characters (or good enough for me, anyway!). ^^
I'm glad to hear it made sense to you--100 words is a tight fit, even with the assumption that the reader is already familiar with the source material.