Poison ivy will grown anywhere. If the Gotham bad guys have any brains, they'll plant it around their hideouts or lairs or whatever they call their bad guy den. Makes the skulking and spying really dangerous and potentially uncomfortable. I bet Alfred keeps lots of oatmeal bath salts and soap on hand.
I know I would, if I were a Gotham bad guy. Although maybe Batman's one of the lucky few who aren't allergic to the stuff.
Batman wears a cool suit and he always has his gloves on. No poison ivy for him!
Sorry, I just couldn't commit one way or the other! Timespirt has a good point about the outfit...but Bruce would be potentially vulnerable, especially on vacation....
*laughs* Oh yes--can't you just imagine the bat-clan's reaction to that? "You mean, poison ivy poison ivy? Like, the stuff that grows in the woods all by itself? Non-crime-related poison ivy?"