good news/bad news

steroids worked: face no longer feel like it needs to be ripped off.

bad news: close friend had a stroke last night. is stable & cognizant, but currently has mobility in only one side & difficulty speaking. prayers would be appreciated.
Thanks. (You may have actually met him, at A's wedding--he managed all the sound equipment and such.)

I'm glad my face is better, too.
I hope your friend improves. Glad you're not ripping the face off, it's kind of necessary!
Prayers forthcoming forthwith. I'll get the Sisters in on it, too, if you wish--there's a prayer intention register in the convent lobby, and they pray for all the intentions written there at each daily Mass.
That would be wonderful--every prayer is hugely appreciated. And some for his family as well. He has two college-age sons who are currently stuck 14 hours away at summer jobs, and a 15 year-old who's struggling to finish up school. And his wife, who was already under a great deal of stress.
Quick update before I head off to bed--he's doing a lot better, has started physical therapy and is speaking more easily and clearly. His one arm is still very weak and nearly unresponsive, but the doctors are hopeful. If they can just get the blood clot out of his brain without any complications, he should be able to make a near-full recovery.

Thank you for your prayers!