...Is it bad I thought of the comic book villain before the actual plant?


*hands antihistamine*
I wish it was the comic book villain--I mean, the situation would probably be hideously awkward and more than a little embarrassing, but by now Batman would have showed up and sorted things out. And I would be going to work instead of to the doctor.

Have been! And then switched to benadryl spray because the lotion stuff just dried out everything and made it worse. And now I'm going to the doctor to see about steriods or something because I'm about half a millimeter from having poison ivy IN MY MOUTH and that's just not happening. No. I will take drugs if it means I'll be able to eat properly again.

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I get it every spring, regardless of where I am or what I've been doing. For a while it was fairly minor, just a few blisters on my fingers, but last year it broke out all over my legs, and this year--well.