Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

review: syfy's alice; book of imaginary beasts, vol. 6

So. I'm being lazy because this is the last day of my mini-vacation (and oh, dealing with my inbox at work tomorrow isn't going to be fun), which means you get a one-sentence review of Syfy's Alice: gorgeous, surprisingly intelligent, definitely worth a rewatch or several (Max Headroom as the white knight will have you rolling on the floor). I enjoyed Tin Man, but this holds together better as a story, I think.

I have a huge pile of books that got read over the past week or so, but they all deserve more thorough reviews than I feel like doing right now. Maybe next week.

from book 6 of imaginarybeasts: fairy tales
the story of the cat and the crane - I love cats in fairy tales, and this one is quite well-written.
an egg as big as twenty - no actual magic, but that just makes it even better.
borrowed skin - hm. Not sure why I like this one so much, but I do.
Tags: reviews & recommendations

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