computer issues

I has them. Which is annoying, because most of them time I like my computer. It's a little slow, sure, but it's comfy, like a worn-in pair of shoes. And everything works fine--as long as there's no video involved. If there is video, it's a complete toss up (or at least seems to be) as to whether the visual aspect will work, or whether it will freeze or just slowly fall out of sync with the sound. I keep saying I'm going to get a new computer, but as I said, everything else works just dandy, and that makes me reluctant to actually go ahead and do it. Especially since I'm kind of stymied by the plethora of options.

I don't know. Maybe I'll just keep tweaking stuff and maybe eventually something will work. (I'm a big believer in bludgeoning technology into submission through persistence.)

what's your preference?

batman built his own computer. in a cave.
Eh, I'll probably stick with Windows for the moment--Windows 7's been getting some pretty good reviews, and the Mac interface/setup/whatever-the-proper-term-is drives me nuts. (And some of the stuff I've heard about Apple makes me leery of buying their products.)

And I like the portability of my laptop--means I can do stuff in the living room if I want (or could, if my battery wasn't dying and my cord was a little longer). Also, it means my desk is mostly empty, which makes me happy.
Seriously, I have a guy who builds computers, so I'm not stuck with whatever Dell or HP or whoever wants to give me. I can have whatever I want (and usually cheaper!). You need to find yourself a guru.
From the sound of it, you might just have a bad video card. You can buy a good-quality replacement card for about fifty bucks, and they're not hard to install (all you need's a teeny screwdriver and some common sense, 'cause the instructions on the internet I've used are pretty easy to follow).

Link to good card .

Link to good instructions for desktop .

If you have a laptop, you're generally out of luck as far as replacing stuff goes, but if you have a Dell, you can do it. Here are some instructions.

Good Luck!
Hum. I suspect the problem is really just that my computer's old and slow and can't handle graphics if it's doing anything else at all, but thanks for digging up this info for me!