drabble: Round and Round (for violeteyedcat)

Round and Round
for violeteyedcat's prompt of 'trophies, mobiles, butterflies'

Jenn calls her a butterfly, for evidence pointing to the trophies lining the room—no more than one or two in any event. But Alise likes to think that she’s closer to a mobile, swaying around a fixed point, bound within an ever-changing circle.

Butterflies go everywhere and nowhere, no finish to their journey. They just keep flying until they die. Mobiles also go nowhere, but that’s because they’re already where they’re supposed to be.

Alise doesn’t know if she has somewhere to be, something to do, so she keeps looking, keeps coming around to where she started from—beginning and end.
Thank you, darling - I did give you quite the task...:P But you certainly blew my brain. Is it a sign of my nerdiness that the mention of ever-changing circles immediately reminded me of Ptolemy? Ah well. Brava!
Proof that you're a johnnie, I'm afraid. I'm glad you like it, because I'm pretty happy with how it came out too.