give me 5 things prompts?

No 5 things today--I have only one prompt left, and I need to reread a bunch of Terry Pratchett before attempting it (Death is tricky, y'all). So--new prompts! Give them to me! As many as you can come up with!

Fandoms I am willing to attempt: Burn Notice, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Peter Pan, Discworld, Dr. Who, Labyrinth, Shakespeare, The Song of Roland, and anything related to my original fiction. Heck, I'll even write completely all new original fic if you'd like.

There is no end date on this, btw. If you come up with something 5 months from now, I'd love to hear it.

Five times Bruce Wayne envied Clark Kent/Superman. (That should be fun given the history)

Five times John Sheppard wished the coin had turned heads instead of tails.

Five times Ronon gave someone a hug.

Five times John Sheppard misunderstood the rule "Proper conduct befitting an officer."
SGA: The four pets Sheppard wasn't allowed to keep, and the one pet he was allowed to keep. Can be earth and/or alien animals.

Five things Ronon doesn't want anyone to know about him because he thinks they would never let him live it down (for example - Ronon likes baby bunnies, or kittens, or pink ribbons, or something).

Dr. Who: Five things the doctor has an irrational fear of (and maybe one of them isn't so irrational after all).