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reviews: Silverberg! Human Target! Book of Imaginary Beasts!

Hey, look--I read stuff this week! Sped through a pair of short story collections by Robert Silverberg: Next Stop the Stars and Needle in a Timestack. Aside from one blatant pulp story, these are all classic sci-fi, poking at various human foibles and asking "what if?" A good way to spend an afternoon, although they leave a slightly cynical aftertaste.

Also, last week I stumbled across the Book of Imaginary Beasts (imaginarybeasts), which is (to quote the community profile) "a bi-monthly webzine dedicated to original fiction of the oneshot variety". So far I've only read the first issue, but the overall quality of that was high and quite enjoyable. Here are my two favorites:
*The Legendary Spiny Cat of South London - in which there is snark and a somewhat sad man and a magical cat with spines on it. Much fun, and the cat is a character I'd love to see more of.
*The Wind on the Sea - in which there is sailing and gangs and a main character with a shady past and a wind spirit. An intriguing world, and one (once again) I'd love to see more of.

Human Target continues to be fun--the interaction between the main characters is a hoot, and the slowly-emerging backstory for Chance is intriguing, though not unexpected. I think my favorite episode so far is the one where he breaks mini-Rodney McKay out of the defense company building, especially the bits with Winston and Guerrero and the handcuffs. This show stays in my queue, along with Burn Notice and The Mentalist. I think I'm dropping White Collar, mostly because I've realized I just don't care what happens and anyway I only have so much time I can spend on TV.
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