Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

this is not a poll

Or a meme. I'm just not in a poll-y type mood today. Probably because I'm trying to get myself to clean my room and deal with the mess on my desk that's currently hampering my ability to write (argh!) and am currently failing. Seriously, it looks like someone ransacked the place--papers everywhere, stuff pulled out of drawers, semi-collapses piles, etc. At least the furniture's still intact.

did batman have to clean his room when he was a kid?

i'm not sure how i'm supposed to come up with an answer to that....

Okay, I lied. Apparently this is a poll, though it's still not a meme. Still haven't finished writing responses for the last meme (3 to go! 3! I am lame, I know), though I hope to have remedied that by next Saturday.

Am also in the process of removing as many internet-related distractions as possible from my daily routine, which is a lot. Did that for work and it made a huge (positive) difference, so I'm hoping it'll do the same for not-work. Like writing. Because I think and talk a lot about writing but don't actually do a whole lot of it.

Tags: meme/poll

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