Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

5 things that will likely never amount to anything

was going to write bits of that batman/sherlock holmes fusion/crossover thingy where scotland yard asks holmes to figure out who the masked vigilante is, but wound up spending 10 hours at work and am bushed (my own fault, though, for accidentally going 2 hours early). so instead, i give you a hodgepodge of fragments written on scraps of paper at work when i was trying to do other things.

1. "I know a lot of stories," Toby said, unsure why he spoke even as the words fell off his tongue.

"The stories always leave something out," the goblin king told him in a biting tone that suggested he spoke from experience.

They walked in silence after that.

2. "How long have you been this whiny?"

"I don't know--how long have you been a giant evil robot?"

"...Okay, I deserved that."

3. To begin with, all the servant girls were afraid of Whybray, the palace steward. All of them except Valencia, who was the newest scullery maid, and bound for a brief employment. ["Her Majesty, King Valencia of Imlah"]

4. This isn’t how you die. That comes later, with a curious incident involving sugar water. Actually, that isn’t how you die either. Death, when it comes, will come unlooked for, and, unlooked for, be found.

This, this you will survive. You survive this.

5. This is not the way, of course, but it's safer, and there are better places to go than where the sea runs red with blood and no moon shines overhead.
Tags: 5 things, miscellaneous fandoms, original fiction

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