Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

review: the mentalist

Just started watching this show, and am enjoying it thoroughly. The plots are pretty much your standard cop-show fare, but solidly done, and the writers (so far) manage to be fairly subtle with the build-up to whodunit. What really shines, though, are the characters and their interactions: they're all likable and all obviously like each other, and I would happily watch an episode that was just them stuck in a car for eight hours.

I find myself comparing the show to NCIS, mainly because that's the only other cop team show I've watched recently, and I really appreciate the (so far) lack of blatant info-dumps. And also, that the characters (so far) all behave like reasonable adults. Nobody's done anything blatantly (or conveniently) stupid yet, which I appreciate. And the one character that could easily become a gary stu has enough foibles and blind spots to be believable, while still being very very good at what he does. I like it when characters get to be consistently competent at something.

All the (so far)s are because I've only seen up through the eighth episode of season one, so as far as I know the current season could be utter dreck, but I'd be shocked if it is, given the early high quality. Some shows flounder around for a while, trying to figure out what kind of story they're trying to tell; this one seems to have had it figured out from the beginning.
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