September 19th, 2021


Some things you just keep coming back to

From the video description on YouTube:
The 40 voices in this piece are divided into eight choirs of five voices each. In this video, the notes for each choir have a different color, a different size, and a different depth, with the first choir being small, red and in front, and the eighth choir being large, blue, and in back.
Spem in alium nunquam habui || I have never put my hope in any other
Praeter in te, Deus Israel || but in Thee, God of Israel
Qui irasceris et propitius eris || who canst show both wrath and graciousness,
et omnia peccata hominum || and who all the sins of man
in tribulatione dimittis. || in suffering absolves.
Domine Deus || Lord God,
Creator caeli et terrae || Creator of Heaven and Earth
respice humilitatem nostram || Regard our humility