June 20th, 2021


Praise the Lord of Heaven!

Everything's a mess right now, it seems--nationally, familially, within the church and without. Yet I will praise the Lord, who gives all good things and promises his servants peace at the end of long struggle.

I ask your prayers for my nephew, who is in prison due to false accusation, and for my father, who is on the verge of walking away from our church because he feels scorned and resented and cannot see that he is in fact valued and loved. I ask your prayers for myself, that I might be a better daughter and sister and friend to those around me. Please share any prayer requests you might also have, that I may lift them up to our Lord and Savior, who loves all his sheep, even the wayward ones. Whether or not you yourself believe, I am happy to pray on your behalf.

Responding to comments

At the time of this post, there are 235 comments sitting in my LiveJournal queue, and another 70+ over on AO3. Personal emails are even worse. I am determined by the end of the summer to have reached "inbox zero" on all of them, so this is my running tally of what's left to do, to keep myself publically accountable.

  • LiveJournal: 235

  • AO3: 70+

  • Emails: Complete disaster zone