May 1st, 2021


rendering unto Caesar, I suppose

Guess who just finished submitting all her tax returns.... whoo hoo. Every year I hit "submit" with the sneaking suspicion that I've done it wrong somehow, and this year is no exception, thanks to the whole "working-off-site" thing. Also, single-view instructions on my local tax form that meant I wound up guessing about which boxes to fill out. Thanks, Berkheimer! :(

This isn't exactly politics, but every year I find myself more irked by payroll taxes. If you're going to take it out of every paycheck, at least don't make me spend a day filling out additional forms with the threat of the IRS hanging over my head. I'll do the forms cheerfully if it means I get to hang onto my money throughout the year and only have to pay out in a lump sum at the end of it. Talk about the government having its cake and eating it too....

Anyhow. I know this place has been a bit of a ghost town this year, and I have to tell myself not to feel guilty about it; I've had longer and more complete hiatuses over the years. I'll come back to a more regular posting schedule eventually, just like I'll get around to replying to comments. It always happens eventually.... :P