February 26th, 2021


i just want to grow things for a while

So, after finishing a long-overdue and frequently interrupted project at work, I took today off. And even though I'd intended to do some actual stuff, I wound up spending pretty much the entire day just growing digital plants and rearranging digital furniture. Here's my ~20th iteration of the two rooms you have to play with in the awkwardly-titled Plant Daddy:

The gameplay loop is pretty basic: buy randomly-generated plants, stick them in the appropriate lighting so they'll grow, water, and collect the subsequent leaves & flowers to "buy" more plants--and furniture to put them on. If you open the apartment windows, you'll be treated to a very soothing mix of summer sounds, complete with a periodic rain storm. The whole thing is just ... satisfying, as my accidental 8 hours spent playing it can attest. :P

I only wish there were a bedroom and kitchen to decorate/fill with plants as well....