January 2nd, 2021


Ninth day of Christmas

Noël nouvelet, sing we a new Noël;
Thank we now our God, and of His goodness tell;
Sing we Noël to greet the new born King;
Noël nouvelet, a new Noël we sing!

Mary and Joseph in Bethl'em they found,
Where the Infant lay, with ox and ass around,
And for a crib, their manger full of hay.
This new Noël sing we: Noël nouvelet!

Then I saw a star which turned the night to day,
Moving ever onward on its shining way,
Leading to Bethlehem the kings all three
Noël nouvelet, this new Noël sing we!

Gold the first did carry, myrrh the next did bring;
And the third bore incense, the garden perfuming,
So that in paradise I seemed to dwell.
Noël nouvelet, sing we this new Noël!