December 29th, 2020


Fifth day of Christmas

This is a dear favorite from Freshman Chorus back in college--we'd sing it any time of the year, but with especial gusto during the Christmas season:

When I think about college now (I don't much, anymore; I'm still definitely a Johnnie, but it's no longer my primary allegiance) what I miss the most about it is the music. Fencing, to some degree, and the endless conversations about topics we didn't really have a grasp on, but mostly the music: there was always someone in a practice room or flogging together a group to sing something at the bi-annual Collegiums, multiple standing choirs with different focuses, the old traditional favorites passed down through the years and decades. And there was an ease to it, with everyone sharing the same schedules, living so close together, and pianos scattered throughout the campus. Post-college, everything is so much more complicated. I miss having a friend say "hey, we should sing this old French madrigal" and having it happen in the fifteen minutes daily between lunch and the first afternoon class. And the Christmas collegium, when the hall would be packed to standing room only, even up on the balconies, and everyone would sing "Green Grow the Rushes O" at the top of our lungs and for a few minutes we all existed somewhere outside the petty boundaries of time, as if we were singing it as part of some medieval revelries.

I don't miss the endless homework, the hopelessness of calculus and Hegel, the ruthless schedule I had to keep to, the even more ruthless penny-pinching with an eye to those looming student loans. But oh do I ever miss the music.

2020 stats

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Down from last year, but still respectable. Also, this post itself is another reminder that I really do despise the "new" post creator and will continue using the old one until they pry it from my bleeding fingers.