December 17th, 2020


doom and gloom

Right now everything feels very heavy--a friend just found out his unborn child has the same fatal syndrome that killed the previous two; another one had such a vivid nightmare of his neighborhood being burned down that he immediately messaged me to make sure I was safe; two more friends had such a vicious (and seemingly unprompted) fight that it perhaps irrevocably damaged their friendships with a third. All this within the space of a single afternoon/evening ... I could list many more things that have been going on for a while, and that's without even glancing in the direction of politics.

But there's also the first real snowfall of the year (yes, year--last winter we got basically no snow) and the dog was bouncing around in it like a cartoon character, utterly delighted with this new and magical version of the world. The wind howls outside but the house is snug and I'm wearing a wonderfully warm sweater from my dear sister.

The world is on fire, but the world is always on fire somewhere. It's just easier to ignore most of the time. The main thing is to refuse to be panicked or driving to despair; this too shall pass, as has everything before. There is still beauty and kindness if you make the choice to look for them.

...good golly am I feeling maudlin at the moment. -_-