February 13th, 2020


fic fragment: hello hello hello hello

Continuing on from last week's snippet...

The beer's warm and the rim of the mouth slightly sticky with Dean's saliva, but Sam downs it without a thought, tension already bleeding off at the anticipation of alcohol. At least the lake seemed to be helping with the bites' itchiness. When Dean emerges from the tent again, he's stripped down to skivvies in lieu of a swim suit, towels a bundle under one arm, two fresh beers dangling from one hand. A moment later and he's nearly shoulder-to-shoulder with Sam, squinting up at a kingfisher that's doing dive-bombing runs a couple of camp sites over.

According to the weather site Sam checked before they'd left, it had rained the night before, leaving the water a patchwork of quilt of water temperatures, from freezing to practically balmy. When they were younger it might've turned into a dunking competition, but they're now mature men in their thirties, so they finish their beers in silence, without incident. Dean drifts close enough to occasionally bump shoulders with Sam. "You hungry?" he asks eventually, just as Sam's begun to really notice the frigid patches of water down around his knees and feet. "I'm hungry."

"I could eat," Sam allows; breakfast was a while back, and lunch simply didn't happen--Dean still busy being put-upon and Sam so happy to be out and about with one-hundred percent unadulterated Dean that he just didn't care.

Empty beer bottles in hand, Dean splashes back to shore, singing something under his breath that Sam recognizes but can't quite place. It's not until Sam's halfway through his second set of hotdogs that he finally figures it out. "So, want to explain why exactly you were singing about keeping your maidenhead," he demands, just to see Dean almost inhale his latest beer. "And you keep saying I'm the girl."

"You're the one who recognized the song," Dean counters a good fifteen minutes later, as they're licking the first set of s'mores off their fingers. "Besides, it's Maddie Prior." And Sam had to concede the point, so he salutes with his burning marshmallow before blowing it out and making a second attempt. When Dean starts singing "Allison Gross" a little while later, Sam joins in on the chorus.