January 16th, 2020


a self-portrait of sorts

bed (2).jpg
The thing about working from home is that it's making me realize just how burned out and low-level depressed I've been for a while now. Spent most of yesterday working from bed and feeling like the worst kind of undisciplined blob, even as I slowly filled in boxes on my timesheet. As of 4:30 PM it looked like the day was going to be a near-complete loss.

But it wasn't. Something--I don't know what--sparked enough willpower for me to crawl out of bed and scrub down first the bathroom and then myself before dinner, and that gave me just enough momentum to continue on and tick off all the non-work checkboxes I'd assigned myself for the day. Queuing up this post will finish things up, and I'll be able to go to bed at the desired ~10 PM without anything hanging over my head going into tomorrow.

I suspect the most important lesson I've learned at this point in my life is that it's never too late to start over. Beats staying huddled under the covers all day, at any rate.