December 12th, 2019


Midwinter blues

Feeling a bit down lately--I know it's a combination of burnout from work (after 2.5 years of pushing the date back, we are finally packing in a mad rush to get it done before Christmas break; and I'll be working from home, and everyone's known this, but no one bothered to requisition me a laptop/monitor combo like I've been telling them I need, so ....) and decreased sunlight, but still. Makes it hard to get much of anything done unless I know there's a paycheck attached to it--and even then, it's ... well, it happens, but more slowly than it would at other times of the year.

Was going to write something about how it's necessary to understand the scope of your fic in order to get it written properly, using Freestyle and the various scrapped attempts at Freestyle as a case study, but after the second failed attempt I figured why bother, it's not like those sorts of posts get much of a reaction from anyone, so I'd effectively just be talking to myself.

This is not a pity-party, this is just me acknowledging something that happens without fail every winter. And I told myself I was going to post every day, and it's either post this or fall into the YouTube embed rut, and I refuse to go down that road. So. Here it is. I have written something for today, December 12. That box on the monthly calendar will be filled in. And now I can go back to lazing around while waiting to hear from work that the power is back on and I can come be productive for pay.