December 5th, 2019

sga au

fic: Freestyle [spn]

Sam takes to the water like the proverbial fish, for all that he's never seen a body of water deeper than two feet until now, noisily splashing about like it's his by right, heedless of what might be swimming unseen below his feet. Dean, ten and already knowledgeable enough to be an Initiate, moves cautiously, assessing each passing piece of lakeweed like it might hide a Mishipeshu, ready to usher Sam to safety at a moment's notice. Such wariness might serve him well, out in the field. It might break him. If John has his way they'll never find out which.

He shows them the basics: dead man's float, treading water, breast stroke, front crawl. Sam's so buoyant that none of it seems to matter, shifting from one stroke to another as the fancy takes him. It's noisy and messy and under other circumstances John would likely reprimand him for it, but the only purpose of this little trip is to ensure that his boys won't drown themselves in the unlikely chance that they encounter water deep enough to drown in, so he lets Sam have his fun for once.

Meanwhile Dean swims rigid, careful laps, slowly tacking his way up and down the cove, as nearly textbook perfect as he can, given his previous lack of practice. When he reaches the mouth of the cove there's a moment where he hesitates, looking out into the open lake, but then he puts his head down and begins to tack his way towards John and the beach. It's only when Dean's nearly halfway back that John has the passing thought if he'd kept going John wouldn't have had any way of retrieving him.

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