August 2nd, 2019

horse of power

crack fic: Dean and a Horse, pts 1-11/13

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They wander around the forest some more, though the shadows here are deeper and no friendly animal guides appear when needed--the mice chatter meaninglessly to each other below Dean's ear, and the rabbit falls asleep in the crook of his arm, and all around them is quiet aside from the breaking of twigs and rustle of leaves caused by the horse. Dean finds himself yawning repeatedly in an unconscious attempt to pop his ears--not that it makes any difference. Eventually the darkness settles too heavily and Benny and Dean unhappily concur that they need to stop for the night or risk riding straight into a tree.

"What if it *is* a wild goose chase?" Dean asks the horse as he brushes it back to smooth glossiness, hands getting coated in hair and gritty dried sweat along the way. He's become mostly resigned to the smell of horse and his own stink after so many days without even a change of clothes, though he might actually be willing to kill for a shower at this point. "How would I even know? No prophecies or oracles or handy books of instructions--not so much as a fortune cookie." He leans his forehead against the horse's shoulder and the horse leans back a little, just enough to be comforting. "No sign of Sam, not really." And all the rest of it would be easy enough to shrug off if he had Sam--Benny's better than nothing, but he's still just a figment of Dean's own brain.

The horse lets out a long, shuddery sigh and bumps him with its nose. It's probably just looking for another apple. "Don't have any more," he tells it, and starts brushing again. "Sorry."

When Benny returns, he's dragging the gutted carcass of a deer, which means the rest of the evening is spent cutting and roasting the meat. Dean doesn't ask about whether or not Bambi begged for its life and Benny doesn't volunteer; which animals can and can't talk in this place seems to be pretty arbitrary, and by now Dean's sick enough of living off apples that he mostly doesn't care.

The venison is pretty good, all the things considered, and Dean's spirits lift a little. No Sam, no idea of where Sam is, but this version of Benny is just as willing to discussion the comparative merits of pies as the original had been, and the rabbit in Dean's lap is warm and soft and cuddly, and for once the horse isn't trying to steal his dinner.

That night he curls around the rabbit like a child with a teddy bear, and he'd worry a little about accidentally crushing it but he falls asleep before the thought has a chance to cross his mind.

Two scenes left after this, I think. Possibly three.