July 9th, 2019

dean bw

Time to Write (help me actually do it?)

Started the Star Wars: the Clone Wars/Project of Doom crossover despite saying I wasn't going to, because apparently this is my brain's new chew-toy, and now have a small pile of Star Wars reference books because books are better than wikis even though the wikis are more convenient (and cheaper). Because I can't shut down the academic librarian part of me even when I'm just writing fanfic nobody else is going to read.

This not going to get in the way of Dean and a Horse, I pinky-swear--since I think I have the final shape of that more or less settled and it's awfully fun to write. And actually, the end is almost in sight. (I'm kind of looking forward to seeing if anyone's going to guess the surprise twist.)

Anyhow, I always do better at actually writing when prodded slightly from the outside, so here are the three current WIPs--leave a comment with a number and I'll write you the next three sentences in that fic.

1. Dean and a Horse
2. itty MoL!Sam and Dean learn to swim
3. Cody and Obi-Wan's accidental vacation with the not-so-pacifist space Amish