July 1st, 2019


Is this thing on?

Right, so ... I'm back, I guess? Definitely not going back to a daily posting schedule, though--didn't realize just how exhausting it had become until I finally let myself stop. But I'll be throwing together screen cap spams and resuming the favorite SPN episode polls and such.

How've you all been? I spent the last month mostly mainlining as much Star Wars fic (both fannish and pro) as I could get my hands on--had forgotten just how much I love Luke and Mara and Obi-Wan (and Wedge, and Han and Leia, and Captain/Admiral Pellaeon, and pretty much all the Noghri--oh, I do so love this universe). One of the great tragedies of the EU is that Timothy Zahn wrote only one PT-era novel, but it's okay. I'll cope somehow.

(Don't worry--I have SPN fics in the works still, and I'm not dropping Sam and Dean anytime soon, just needed to reconnect with my fannish roots, as it were.)

But my love of Obi-Wan led me down the rabbit hole that is The Clone Wars fic, and I have the feeling I'm going to be picking up that show sometime in the nearish future, though at least I go into it forewarned that all is pain and sorrow forever, despite it being a show ostensibly for kids. And that has me thinking about how we become aware of what war actually is, as we grow up. Star Wars introduced a young me to the idea, but what actually helped me understand what it's like is the now mostly-forgotten CGI adaptation of Starship Troopers airing on Fox Kids:

This is where I learned about continuing on in the face of death, fighting even though you know you're going to lose because ... well, you might not, but if you give up you definitely will, and there are others depending on you. It's a lesson I've had to apply at various times over the years, though never in true life-or-death situations. Not yet, at any rate.

Anyhow, there's no real point to this--just a passing thought. And a warning that Star Wars is probably going to keep cropping up as we go, though I don't think that it'll ever turn into publicly-posted fic. (I do have a private crack crossover I've been writing in my head as I go to sleep at night, but since the other half of it is the fantasy novel I'll never actually write, there would be no point in sharing it.)