April 23rd, 2019


A final post-Lenten report

 So, Lent is over and the season of Easter is here--how did things go, overall? Pretty well, I'd say. My room is stuck at the 90% mark as far as KonMari is concerned, but that's because I need help to install the adjustable wall-mounted shelves and everybody I'd ask for help is currently madly busy. Even without that final step, though, things are vastly improved over the way they were before tidying.

One of the things Marie Kondo says is that if you want someone to tidy up their stuff, the best thing to do is tidy up your own, and that has proven true. I've spent the last several weeks helping my mom clean out vast numbers of books and unused art supplies. We're nowhere near done, but two months ago she gave me an emphatic "I can't do it" every time I offered to help her. Even my dad, who is notorious for not being able to get rid of books, began sorting through his own, though in a much less organized fashion.

Additionally, I wound up doing a whole bunch of spontaneous garden work, even though everyone was either too busy or dealing with a bad back or whatnot. Back yard is mostly done, though the side yard is still in dire straights because of all the thistles blowing in from our neighbors. But if I don't get to that, I still managed enough in the back that I won't feel deeply disappointed by myself.

Most of this was possible only because I strictly held to the "no internet before leaving for work/church" rule for the entirety of Lent. It was very useful, and I definitely recommend it if you're struggling with being able to focus on the physical needs of house and yard around you. I don't know if I'm going to continue it long-term, though. Previously, mornings are when I found it easiest to deal with email/comments and create posts for my LJ queue, and I haven't been doing a very good job of either during Lent. Gotta find a better balance somehow.

Anyways, thanks for bearing with me during these weekly navel-gazing sessions. We'll now resume our regular schedule of programming--at least until Advent. ;)