April 13th, 2019


fic: Respite [spn]

Finally complete, after close to three years of noodling! Finished for the gencestbang, with lovely pictures by merakeirosart. Thanks to zmediaoutlet for chivying me into keeping Sam and Dean relatively in-character, to wetsammy for betaing, and to the discord gang for all the general encouragement and hand-holding.

To be honest, after the first day spent going door to door in the surrounding neighborhoods, they're both kind of looking for excuses to try some other method of tracking down Amara. Sam had a blister developing on his heel by about two o'clock and towards the end of the afternoon Dean's frustration was visibly ratcheting up a notch after each dead end.

They're attempting to recoup their forces over the Smiling Porker's ham salad delight, which tastes like it got dropped in the ocean at some point along its way to their table--though Dean's tucking in with happy enthusiasm. Sam's contemplating ordering a house salad to balance things out, though at a place like this it'll probably be just scraped-together sandwich toppings completely drowned in dressing.

"You know, there's no real reason to assume she's still here," Dean says, licking some escaped delight off his thumb. "If we draw a line from Lizzie Borden's place to the bar where Amara hoovered the babysitter, it's pointing pretty much due north."

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