February 7th, 2019


Oh, it's so coool

Usually I try to avoid simply posting videos, as it would be a really easy rut to fall into, but hey--it's just about a year since the test launch of the Falcon Heavy, which sort of finished reawakening my childhood fascination with space exploration. So here are a few videos celebrating how cool space is.

This one is a really creative use of archival photographs (linked to from the video's Vimeo page); it doesn't work 100%, but for the most part the effect is almost magical. The Apollo missions are what first captured my imagination as a kid--we had piles of old National Geographics in our basement, and my favorites were the ones with articles documenting each mission.

It's funny, in my head I always think of the Space Shuttle program as a late 80s, early 90s thing, even though I can also clearly remember being bummed out in 2011 when I heard that the program was finally coming to an end. Here, you can watch that final launch happen in slo-mo, and the way the exhaust clouds form and move is fascinating.

A bit longer than the other videos, but this one is a cool way to relive last year's launch that reminded people that we're still sending stuff up into space, and space is still amazing.

Also cool: stories about space. They're often a reminder that the universe is vast and the world we live on is small--how astonishing that it exists and we have all been placed upon it together.

What about you guys--love space? could take it or leave it? think, like a friend of mine, that it's immoral to spend money flinging rockets out of the atmosphere when we still have so many problems down here on the ground?