January 15th, 2019

dean bw

the magic of video editing

I had some review of something or other scheduled, but didn't feel like typing it up, and anyway nobody seems to read those. So instead, thought I'd share some love for these great vids--and if you enjoy this compilation, let me know and I'll post another batch next week.

This exactly what a season trailer should do, which is get you interested and excited for the upcoming run of episodes. Looks like there's some MotW stuff in there, which would make me very happy indeed.

And here's a fandom take on the first half of s14--love the tight editing on this.

One of my two favorite 'artsy' fanvids--every time I watch it I catch some new parallel or theme.

But if I had to pick a vid that represented the Supernatural of my heart, the show that briefly caught my interest and 7 years later made me fall in love, this is probably it. Love the song, love the editing--it makes me want to go spend a couple of days marathoning my favorite MotW episodes, the ones I have mostly memorized from watching them so many times.