January 10th, 2019


Fic: The Princess and the Fox [original]

Pretty sure this little trio of fics never got posted on my personal livejournal, just linked over to the original imaginarybeasts posts. Might as well be thorough....

The fox appeared after she had run the soles off her dancing shoes and the skin off her feet and had crumpled at the side of the road like a discarded flower, all lace and fine silk and utter despair.

"You will need new shoes, princess," the fox said, and she had seen too many strange things that day to wonder at a mere talking fox. "And new clothes, if you don't want to wind up back where you just come from."

"Are you offering help?" the princess croaked, throat thick with dust and ferociously suppressed tears.

The fox curled its tail around its legs and cocked its head to one side, like the terrier she'd had as a small child. "Perhaps."

"Why?" She had been taught to speak exquisitely, to charm the birds from trees and confidences from even the most chary of men, but pain and grief now blunted her fine words like knives jammed into bone. She hurt, and all her thoughts were bound by that.

"You are not the first princess to flee the palace," the fox told her, black eyes unblinking. "But you are the first that's come so far."

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