December 27th, 2018


Review: West of Loathing

So, this was an early Christmas present to myself because it was on sale for $7, and given that I've put in 26+ hours in under two weeks I'd say it was definitely a worthwhile purchase. Technically I've done two full play-throughs, but the combination of different character classes and various side-kick options means that they were two very different experiences, and I'm planning on experimenting with other permutations in the future. Also, there are a ton of weird (and silly) little side quests that I'm nowhere near filling--some of which are mutually exclusive--so there's easily another 26+ hours of play in the game.

Also, I love the super-basic stick-figure art style. While most of the games I've been playing feature pretty convincingly realistic graphics, there's something very appealing about a game that is so unabashedly hand-drawn in its animation. Not even a whiff of pretense, just pure goofiness that does a surpisingly good job of drawing you into the world.

Honestly, I've been having such a good time exploring everything that I had a sad moment when I realized there weren't any new locations left for me to discover. Good thing the much bigger Kingdom of Loathing is still very much a going venture, though alas for the limit on how many "adventures" you can have per 24 hour cycle.