December 18th, 2018


Review: SPN 13.17, "The Thing"

Continuing my slow crawl through s13--I watched this episode once back when it first aired, so I'll admit to skipping through most of the Ketch scenes. They were effective enough, but not something I felt the need to revisit. Anyhow, details I enjoyed:

  • Dean continuing to mildly prank Sam when bored, Sam being little-sibling outraged by it

  • That slight just-woke-up thickness in Sam's voice after he's just woken up; well done, Mr. Padalecki

  • Dean being dutiful (and competent) in his research even as he continues to non-verbally protest to the universe (in the form of Sam) how lame he thinks the whole deal is

  • Him being the one to finally come across the info they need is a nice touch

  • The kitchen table winding up covered with research material is a nice visual cue as to the passage of time across their day of research

  • Ketch solemnly reading (or at least pretending to) "Leaps and Ladders", which appears to be something along the lines of "Highlights for Children"

  • The shot after they first open the Portsmouth chapterhouse manhole is gorgeous:

  • Even though I'm sure it was just various corners of the main bunker set being reused, they managed to give Portsmouth a very different feel from the regular bunker--uncared for, unfriendly; just the absence of the main overhead lighting in the hallways would have been enough to significantly change the look

  • Sam and Dean are so blase now about having to introduce someone from the past to the modern world--and I loved Dean's little "This is what cars look like now! ...well, they should...." He does love his baby. <3

  • Dean getting the "stuffies" without knowing what they are just because he likes the name (and then getting another two entrees because he's a hungry boy)

  • Sam getting food that is healthy but really does look unappetizing. Cholesterol or no cholesterol, you kind of deserved to get knocked out if you're going to order that kind of meal at the local dinner.

  • Dean going straight into molotov cocktail mode when Sam's taken from him

  • Ketch's stripy socks

  • "That's tragic. It's like a Hallmark movie. But with tentacles."

  • "I like you, Dean. You’re strong. And I enjoy looking at your face." Gotta admit she has good taste for an interdimensional tentacle demon-thing

  • I wonder if Dean's still an "animated Japanese erotica girl" after this whole experience ;)

  • Dean actually has some good reasons to leave Sam behind, though I guess I'll find out over the next few weeks how exactly that plays out