September 6th, 2018

sga au

fic: They Say [SGA AU]

Another gentle_edgar snippet--I think this one is sort of part of the Kingfishers AU where there's magic and stuff, but it doesn't quite match up, since there weren't any earth-based vampires in that one. I think. It was ten years ago so my memory of what I'd intended is a little fuzzy.

They say that you can tell a Wraith by the way its eyes look through you, by the sharpness of its teeth and the lack of appetite for anything but beer. They say you can tell a Wraith by the way it kisses—as if it would swallow your soul—and the speckled scales down its back. (They don’t say anything about it being a little too late at that point.)

Despite the various folk tales that would seem to indicate otherwise, Earth has no such comforting lies about vampires. Forget sunlight and garlic and crosses; everyone knows that if (and pray God it stays “if”) someone is (becomes: that’s really the frightening thing) a vampire, you won’t know until you see them actually sucking someone’s blood.

The Earth people have both more and less hope than Teyla would have expected of people born free of the Wraiths’ shadow.