August 16th, 2018


Fic: Postcards to various locations [Original]

A while ago it was the thing to have a separate journal just for fic; a while ago, I tried to actually fit in. I don't bother much with that sort of the anymore, but it means that I have several years' worth of fic stashed over on gentle_edgar, which most of my readers probably don't realize even exists. So I thought it might be a) fun to share the better bits over here, and b) wise to move things over to an active, paid account where there's no real worry about it suddenly being deleted. To start with, a small array of faux postcards from my 'whimsy is a genre, right?' stage of writing.

Addressed to Iowa

My dear,

I met a snail yesterday, and he insisted on telling me all about the tea party his sister held last Thursday. There was no reason at all why I should have been interested, except we met in the tea aisle, where I was picking up some vile Beijing concoction for Jemima (which cost an outrageous $20 that she now refuses to reimburse me for).

I would say the incident reminded me of you, but it didn't. However, I thought you might be amused by the image of me cornered by an old and garrulous gastropod intent on describing china patterns and seating arrangements. You may be sure, I'll keep a wary eye out for him in the future.

Nothing much of note is happening here. Abelard is recovering from his six weeks spent pining for Heloise, and I've been forced to return to Kant, drat the man. It's like trying to read a coded message that was left out in the rain.

Hope you are well, and that your studies aren't interfering over-much with life and vice versa.

Yours, as always,


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