June 8th, 2018


A random question meme

As usual, via zmediaoutlet:

What’s your favorite song(s) to sing/hum? Probably "Come all you fair and tender ladies"--I sang it a lot to my oldest niece when she was small and inconsolable. And I can still sing the entire tenor line of "O Praise the Lord of Heaven" (with bridging bits from other parts) at the drop of a hat--one of my favorite choral pieces I've ever performed.

What’s your favorite flower/tree/plant? Lamb's ear! It's so soft and fuzzy, and the bumblebees love the flowers, even though they are kind of bloppy-looking.

Favorite colors? Blue and white, especially when we're talking china patterns.

What do you always doodle? I have an entire tag documenting the answer to this question, but in brief: turtles and little dudes and trees and porcupines. Sometimes snails and birbs as well.

How do you take your coffee/tea? I don't. I'll drink chai on occasion, but it has to be the real thing, not just a "chai" tea bag dunked in boiling water. (I got served that at a genuine tea house one time, and it was one of the most disappointing experiences I've ever had. Made me want to just get up and walk out, but I was with a bunch of other people and so had to stay put.)

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