May 8th, 2018


Review: Subnautica; "The Thing"

Things I ought to be doing: writing, gardening, other useful activities. What I am actually doing: playing an awful lot of Subnautica. Which, granted, I'm playing in safe/"creative" mode, because I just want to build a nice base and explore the ocean and not get eaten or starve or die in some other way. I mean, the deep ocean is spooky enough even if you know you're functionally immortal. If I had to worry about all the things that were trying to kill me, I'm not sure I'd be able to play for longer than ten minutes at a time just because of nerves.

Even though I'm a lazy, cowardly cheat, the game's still loads of fun. The oceanic world of the game is insanely detailed and absolutely gorgeous, and even with the settings all turned down to "super easy", it's also easy to get lost or get stymied trying to perform a specific task, since it's a large enough world that it takes some time to schlep from location to location.

It's an amazing, immersive experience, made all the more sweet by the 6+ month delay between purchasing the game and getting a computer powerful enough to run it properly. I mean--just look at how convincing the water graphics are!

Also fun was SPN 13.17, "The Thing". All the little character details were what made the episode a treat: Dean's post-it prank (starring the world's most adhesive post-its ever), the research montage, Ketch reading the equivalent of "Highlights for Kids" while waiting for Asmodeus, Dean going for the diner special, as always and without any idea what it was, the way he went straight for the Molotov cocktails when Sam got nabbed, Sam griping about Dean's cholesterol, Yokoth thinking Dean was nice to look at... and Dean's banter as a whole was just on point this episode. <3