April 20th, 2018


Not sure what the elements have to do with anything

via zmediaoutlet - RULES: Bold the statements that apply to you, italicize your aspirations, and tag nine people! (it always feels rude to do this)

AIR: I have small handsI love the night skyI watch small animals and birds when I pass them byI drink herbal teaI wake to see dawn • The smell of dust is comforting • I’m valued for being wise • I prefer books to music • I meditate • I find joy in learning new truths from the world around me

FIRE: I don’t have straight hair • I like to wear ripped jeans and overalls • I play an organized sport • I love dogs • I am not afraid of adventure • I love to talk to strangers • I always try new foods • I enjoy road trips • Summer is my favorite season • My radio is always playing

WATER: I wear bracelets on my wrists • I love the bustle of the city • I have more than one set of piercings • I read poetryI love the sound of a thunderstorm • I want to travel the world • I sleep past midnight most days • I love dimly lit diners and fluorescent signs • I rewatch kids’ shows out of nostalgia • I see emotions in colors not words

EARTH: I wear glassesI enjoy doing the laundry • I am a vegetarian or vegan • I have an excellent sense of time • My humor is very cheerfulI am a valued advisor to my friends • I believe in true love • I love the chill of mountain air • I’m always listening to music • I am highly trusted by the people in my life

AETHER: I go without makeup in my daily lifeI make my own artworkI keep on track of my tasks and timeI always know true northI see beauty in everything • I can always smell flowers • I smile at everyone I pass byI always fear history repeating itself • I have recovered from a mental disorder • I can love unconditionally

This was a bit harder to do than I expected--but I guess it's good to do a bit of self-assessment from time to time. I should perhaps clarify that I do believe in lasting love, but "true love" suggests something that just ... happens, instead of an active choice that's made through the hard times as well as the good.