April 3rd, 2018


Inspector Bodyguard to the rescue/Scoobynatural

So, I'm currently laid out with a pretty unpleasant stomach bug, although it seems to finally be settling down a bit (I'm reaching the bored stage, whereas this morning I just slept on and off between ... incidents), and this whole thing reminds of a book I loved as a kid--Inspector Bodyguard Patrols the Land of U. It turned various ailments (both injuries and illnesses) into battles between the relevant systems of the body and the intruders, showing how everything works together to perform various needed tasks.

(I think my personal Inspector Bodyguard needs to rally the troops right now.)

Did anyone else have favorite science books as a kid? I remember loving The Magic Schoolbus, but that series tended to parse things out a little more, I think, instead of focusing on how things work together as a whole.

Regarding Scoobynatural: it felt short, in the very best way, leaving me going, "oh! it's over already?" I'm too tired to go through and ennumerate the various scenes and lines that I loved, but there were a lot of them. What were yours?