February 23rd, 2018


This or that: rhyming edition

via zmediaoutlet:

beaches or peaches? - Hm. I love peaches--my mom makes amazing peach pie--but I think I gotta go with beaches because (in the off-season) they pair up very nicely with walking and the ocean and all. There are other delicious fruits you can bake with, but a pebbly incline just can't match up to a good beach that's been strewn with flotsam and whatnot.

pancakes or milkshakes - Pancakes, since they're actually a semi-regular part of my diet and milkshakes aren't. Plus, you can sort of fake a milkshake just by smooshing your icecream up sufficiently before eating it. You can't really do the same for pancakes.

bluebells or seashells? - Seashells. Beachcombing is fun. Also, there aren't bluebells anywhere near where I live (aside from a few randomly in gardens), so removing them from the would wouldn't make any difference to me. I'd notice a lack of seashells.

snails or whales? - Um. Whales, I guess? Though snails are fun to watch in fish tanks as they crawl along cleaning things. The small ones can actually crawl on the underside of the water surface--it's pretty rad.

gummy bears or lemon squares? - Lemon squares, 101%.

ribbons or mittens? - Hm. I'm kind if indifferent to both, as I'm a plain jane who likes having the freedom to use her fingers. Mittens, I guess--I have a convertable pair with fingerless gloves underneath. That works well enough if needed.

dark nights or fairy lights? - Dark nights let you see the stars, fairy lights work great on your porch. But since we call them 'party' or 'Christmas' lights around here, I'm going to claim both. Ha!