February 6th, 2018


Fic: Unseen [SPN]

Last prompt fic from this past summer! wetsammy asked for SPN: One of the brothers finds a cursed mirror in the Bunker. This isn't exactly that, but I hope it still satisfies.

Dean feels kind of stupid riding around with a blindfold on, but it's better than glancing over to the driver's seat and seeing only emptiness where Sam should be, or looking out the window and into a world devoid of people. Or even evidences of them, like doors opening and shutting or dogs being taken for a walk; the curse is pretty thorough, and the resulting stutter-step of everything touched by human hands had started to give him a headache.

"You doing okay?" Sam's voice asks, tinny through the speaker on Dean's cellphone.

"Not really," Dean admits to the seemingly-empty car. "This is messing with my head more than I expected." If he tried to reach out to touch where he knew Sam must be, he'd just wind up pressing his hand against the seat back or the steering wheel or something. He'd given up on it after only a few attempts, creeped out by the lack of control over his own body. It was worse, somehow, than when skeezeball Cuthbert or the Oz-witch had done it.Collapse )